Pic by Katherine Schultz Photography

Pic by Katherine Schultz Photography


Hello!  I want to meet you where you are, because my passion is to serve people just like you. 

I know first-hand all the balls you need to juggle when it comes to designing and planning your wedding day.

My name’s Emma, and I’m an accredited Wedding Planner + Designer.  Last year was a biggie because amongst other things I coordinated the wedding that won The Bride Diary’s South Australian Wedding of the Year, and I got to work with a South Australian Member of Parliament on their big day.  Those were exciting, but no more so than the couples I work with every single day.  Every time I’m invited to share in someone’s wedding, they trust me to ensure it’s perfectly planned and goes off without a hitch (except the kind you want!), and it’s such an honour and privilege to be able to do what I love for them.

When you work with Sparrow you get me, and only me, putting all my heart and soul into creating a wedding that is absolutely perfect and unique to you.  I will guide you through the sometimes overwhelming process of planning your wedding, right from the start and through to the moment you hit the dance floor with your new lifetime partner-in-crime.  (In fact I’ll be tempted to boogie the night away with you!)  I’ll be here for you whenever you need me, and what you see is what you get.  I am sometimes awkward, a little bit quirky, I have a habit of photographing pretty doors, and I talk to animals as though they’re humans.  But in-between times I am always dedicated to listening to your needs and getting you to the church (or garden!) on time. 

So call me, or email with the link below, share your plans, and hit me up with all your questions.  I’m here and I’m so excited to meet you.  Speak soon!  Emma xo

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"Emma did a wonderful job within a very short timeframe and was accessible and efficient when dealing with our queries (and last minute nerves!)
We would never have been able to organise such a memorable event without her"
Catey + Mark

"Emma knows her stuff, and was so helpful. I doubt the reception would have looked so good without her help" Fiona + Carl