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Today I am so happy to announce the first in a series of blog posts featuring some of my favourite wedding vendors around Adelaide.

I get to work with the best people in town and thought it was only fair that I share them with you!

This week I'm casting the spotlight on one of my absolute faves - Liesa, the Creative Director of Fleur de Lys Flowers is an extraordinarily creative florist with a heart of gold and a wicked sense of fun.  I love spending time with her (it's not work when you visit with Liesa), and here she answers my questions regarding her work and her home life, giving you a little insight into the reasons why you might want to bring her on-board your wedding team.  Enjoy! xo

Q - Tell us a bit about yourself and Fleur de Lys
A - I have worked in the floral industry for over twenty years, have been called 'the Jamie Oliver' of flowers, and just get more and more passionate about all things floral as the times passes.  I am a wedding, event and installation specialist, and now also hold workshops.  I just love passing on my knowledge and love for all things floral to others, and seeing them grow to be as passionate about flowers as I am and to embrace their new-found skills.  
Fleur de Lys and our style is very textural and soulful.  I describe it as an organised mess, meaning it's styled but left to look natural and organic, not too perfect, just as a garden left in its natural state is.  I love sourcing unique and unusual flowers and using combinations that ooze both a masculine and feminine energy to suit each client's brief, and to embrace nature and the various seasons.

Q - How would you describe your style in three words?
A - Textural, eclectic, innovative

Q - What's your favourite part of the job?
A - Designing with florals but also working with beautiful clients to make the process both leading up to and on their special day or event as pleasurable and exciting as possible.

Q - Are there any trends that you absolutely love, or would love to see brides leave behind?
A - I love garden-style installations that are built from the ground up and that embrace plants and florals together.
I'd love to see trends in general left behind.  I love to work with each client to bring their floral vision to life, which is a total representation of the two of them and their personalities and style.

Q - What tips do you have for brides choosing their wedding florals?
A - Choose a designer that you trust both personally and style-wise, and that you feel 110% comfortable with.  Don't just pick someone as they have the lowest price, you will get the service, experience, and florals that you pay for.

Q - What floral item is worth splurging on?
A - A reputable floral designer whose work you love and admire.  See above comment :)

Q - What has been your most rewarding creative project to date?
A - Two of the wedding installations that my husband and I built and custom designed.  They both hung at three metres in height and were completely a representation of both couples personalities and passions.

Q - What's the last thing you watched on TV?
A - the Food Network

Q - Are you into green smoothies?
A - Not necessarily green, but I have a fruit and coconut water nutri-bullet shake every morning for breakfast.

Q - What do you do to take time out and relax?
A - I love cooking, reading, swimming, markets and spending time with family and friends, eating great food of course!

If you'd like to see some of Liesa's stunning work, or contact her to book a consultation you can find her right here - | Facebook | Instagram

Thanks for playing Liesa, we love you! xo